Business Case Histories

Woolshed Bar & Grill

The directors were unhappy with the service they were receiving from their previous accountant and contacted me to bring in a more hands on style of financial control.

I introduced Sage to replace the outdated system that was in use previously in the business and began reporting monthly management information to the directors. I also introduced more timely bank and cash reconciliations, vital to controlling a cash business.

Subsequently, I have assisted the management of this successful business in a variety of ways, including setting up a budgetary control system, raising bank finance, handling correspondence with the Revenue Commissioners, assessing the profitability of various divisions, as well as a myriad of other assignments.

YMCA Dublin

I was engaged by the YMCA to bring financial matters up to date in April 2007. The organisation had recently opened a €12m sheltered housing project in the City Centre. Furthermore it had switched its accounting system to QuickBooks and due to the sudden departure of the Financial Controller the accounting department was falling seriously behind on its reporting schedule.

Working with the Finance staff we produced figures for 2006 and arranged for the audit to be carried out and the final 2006 accounts were presented by me to the members at the end of May 2007.

Work then began on bringing the 2007 records up to date. This was done by tightening the controls around the handling of daily cash. Bank accounts were reconciled on a weekly basis and monthly reports designed to help management get on top of a tight cash flow situation.

I was involved in training in the replacement Financial Controller and continue to assist the Y in sorting out financial issues as they arise.


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