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Statutory Accounts

Every business has to prepare accounts at the end of its financial year, so why not get your accounts done quickly and accurately so that the information contained therein can inform management decisions relating to your business.

Management Accounts

Monthly accounts are an essential management tool for controlling more advanced businesses. I have extensive experience in providing monthly information to managers and in helping them to interpret key trends and developments in their business.

Income Tax Returns

Each year on 31st Oct all self employed individuals are required to submit an Income Tax return for their income from the preceding year.

Corporation Tax Returns

Every company must complete a Corporation Tax return within 9 months of its year end.

Vat, Paye/Prsi Returns

Vat is normally paid every 2 months. The liability is made up of Vat on Sales, either 23% or 13.5%, less vat on purchases.

Paye returns are payable each month on the 19th for payroll deductions in the previous month.

Companies Office Annual Returns

Each limited company is given an Annual Return Date (ARD) on which date it completes the return and submits to the Companies Office with its Audited Statutory Accounts. Small companies are exempt from the requirement to have an audit where certain conditions are met.

Payroll Management

Many organisations find it convenient to out-source their payroll function. Wages and Salaries can be prepared and couriered or emailed to your business each week or month.  In addition, monthly Paye/Prsi amounts are calculated and reported to you at month end.

Installing Accounting Systems

One of the momentous developments over the last couple of years has been the advent of online or cloud based accounting systems.

Xero Accounting has developed a cloud based system that receives feeds from your bank (certain Irish banks only) and attempts to match them to invoices on your system. Sage One also provides a quality secure online accounting package at a price affordable for small businesses.

These systems greatly enhance the speed with which your records can be brought up to date. The potential now exists for small businesses to keep their records live and completely up to date.

Find out more by clicking through to our Online Accounting Systems page.


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